5 Important Steps To Keep Your Fitness Equipment In Top Notch Shape

To reduce the number of faults and to increase the durability, we at Fitness Systems recommend that you service your gym equipment at least twice a year to ensure that you follow today’s strict health and safety regulations. A big advantage of this will prevent costs for replacing parts, or even full machines.

If you are not the handiest person in the world or familiar with tools, we can provide on-site product training where we will bring our experienced engineers to deliver a presentation and demonstration on how to complete all regular inspections that will you leave you and your staff with full confidence with working around your equipment.

Below, you can find 5 important steps to keeping your fitness equipment in top-notch shape and to keep everything running smoothly.

Always inspect your equipment before and after use, as a visual review could be able to point out anything that is damaged. If this is something that needs to be highlighted and documented with any uncertainty with the products, our technical team will be able to provide you with the best advice on what’s best to do going forward. Our aim will be to resolve the issue as efficiently as possible to assure that your equipment is up and running efficiently and safely for customer usage.

Always stop doing what you are doing if something does not feel right as this will put a stop to any further damage being done. Providing that all checks are fully completed daily with all information relayed back to the provider, this will allow the issue to be resolved or monitored preventing it from becoming a further issue.

Always choose the right cleaning products and lubricants when cleaning your equipment, due to certain parts of the machine requiring different types.

Always hoover all over your equipment after cleaning with a cloth, so that you can get any debris that you may have missed.

Always keep your equipment within suitable environments to try and reduce dust, hair, moisture build up, etc. It is always best to keep the equipment away from windows to stop direct sunlight and to buy a dehumidifier for your facility.

Once it has been established that your facility is a suitable environment, it is important to then begin to consider product placement within the environment. This will ensure stability and proper function of the equipment. Here at Fitness Systems, we use our extensive industry knowledge to create and utilise both your facility space and kit list to its maximum potential with the use of CAD. Working like this allows us to pre-plan and to consider any potential environment risks to resolve before the installation date, saving both time and money.

Always have your equipment scheduled for routine maintenance. Our experience and training allows us to keep your machine running perfectly and to find problems that most people would miss. Here at Fitness Systems, documents are provided for recording inspections and maintenance services. It is essential that regular inspections and maintenance services be carried out to ensure that the problems can be documented and reported to the service provider, and that warranties are not jeopardized.

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Disclaimer: Please make sure that your equipment is fully unplugged before you do any work or cleaning.






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