Improve Your Speed & Strength With A Fitness Systems Sled Track


The Sled Track is currently a must-have within any functional zone and guaranteed to be a standout feature offering both aesthetic and functional values to your fitness facility.

Both suitable for indoors and outdoors with low maintenance required on maintenance, the Sled Track pays for itself! The Sled Tracks are also designed and proven to help clients further maximize the true potential of their facility floor plan.

Here at Fitness Systems, we will turn your visions into a reality. Working with our design team, we cater to all your requirements and optional features, such as line markings, optional colours (listed below), and branding.

All that would be required for ourselves to create you a custom-designed Sled Track would be your logo supplied in a .PDF format (contact us if you need our design team to help you with this) and a copy of your facility’s technical drawings, so that we can use our state-of-the-art software to gather the exact dimensions to minimise the wastage material on installation.


Fitness Systems Sled Track

Manufacturing and Installation:

Following the satisfaction of the design being signed off by the client, the order will be processed and the physical production phase will begin.

During the next stage, we will acquire a site survey, which will take place to ensure the surface preparation is complete to satisfaction making sure that on the day of installation the material can be laid without any difficulties and also guaranteeing the material is secured in place correctly.


  • If outdoors, we offer a surface that is suitable for use within as little as 30 minutes after rain if it is ever caught up in rainfall. However, we do recommend that the surface is completely dry before use to ensure client safety.
  • A light vacuum will ensure the removal of any items, which can fall onto the surface during use.
  • In the circumstances of any spillage, warm soapy water can be used and a non-greasy, dilute, water-based detergent or anti-bacterial spray can also be used.

Contact us here at Fitness Systems if you are looking for a bespoke sled track for you and your facility!






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