FS Indoor Bike – Black


Additional bespoke options include: Your branded logo and colour matched to your facility. The perfect stand-out feature to any gym, hotel, educational facility, or spa to keep your logo proudly displayed in your gym.



The magnetic resistance on the Fitness System Elite Indoor Bike makes for a very quiet and low maintenance. These bikes will tend to be more expensive than those that use friction pads but will work out less expensive in the end due to fewer replacement parts and labour time spent.

Our Bikes give you the ability to have levels of resistance which can help in finding the amount you want for various workouts rather than remembering what you need is a quarter turn or full turn to know how hard to set the bike

What to look for when choosing your new bikes! Look at a number important attributes and features over above the fact they had magnetic resistance to find the best spin bikes.

Stable Provides a rock solid base with no rocking or wobbling so that you can just concentrate on your workout.

Smooth Ride That you get a smooth natural ride that feels like riding a road bike with a balanced flywheel.

Adjustable Easy to adjust and set up for a variety of heights, leg lengths and upper body fully adjustable for people between the heights of 4 ft. 10 ins and 6 ft. 5 ins.

Console Or bikes feature an (optional RPM or WATT) console that you can use to monitor performance within your workout, reporting on resistance level, cadence, speed and distance.


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