Grypit Tricep Rope


Grypit Narrow Tricep are fashioned for a snug fit for everyone’s hands, whatever their size and shape, GRYPiT® handles create confidence to complete fulfilling, reproducible workouts time after time.

Grip on traditional steel bars can shift while training, placing stress on fingers and reducing the benefit to targeted muscle groups. With hands firmly, correctly positioned, you are primed to perform, to do more with your reps. Less stress on muscles and joints, more benefit to the right muscle groups.

A team of polymer chemists and designers has developed GRYPiT® handles in highly resilient, hardwearing polymers, manufactured in the UK. Engineered for excellence, GRYPiT® delivers unwavering quality of function. Proven in the laboratory and gym the handles have demonstrated ruggedness and resilience and have been tested far beyond normal parameters of recreational use.






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