Armed Forces Day Run Test, Do You Qualify?

On June 29th, we celebrate Armed Forces Day to honour all of those men and women currently serving throughout the world among the British Military. Knowing the fantastic career opportunities which come with the British Military, we highly recommend considering and...
Half Marathon Time

Half Marathon Time

The holidays are over, a new year is here and some of us feel slightly guilty for all the booze, food and fun. Not me though, I ain’t got time to bleed (Predator reference for good measure) The Wigan Half Marathon is 11 weeks away and the mighty Ken Heathcote...

Back to the future

Our very own ‘Father of Fitness’ Ken Heathcote recalls the time in 1970 when he brought back the first manual running machine from America he purchased from the late Leo Stern. In 1970, Bill Stevenson and Ken flew to Los Angeles to look at the gyms min...

The heat of the moment!

So, one of our workforce decided to do a training session last night in his local gym and reckons training in the heat is more effective than timing your training to when the heat has died down a little. So we’ve decided to take a look a little further to see...






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